Many students get homework each night and part of that homework includes to “study” for a test or project coming up. All students in the lower grades have been taught how to study and teachers model good study habits all the time. When students see “study” in their homework notes without anything actually due the next day, they think they are done. Here are some tips from high school and college students on how to “study:” 1. When you have reading to study, read it twice. The first time is for the subconscious to absorb it and then you can read it a second time more carefully. 2. When you study one topic have a scent in the room (perfume, eat an orange, etc.). If you wear that same scent during the test it will help you remember. 3. Study with a classmate or two. This can be a real positive way, as long as actual studying takes place. 4. Listen to soothing music while you study. Classical music has been shown to help students focus on math homework. The music shouldn’t be distracting or too loud, though. 5. Look at the information in different forms. Rewriting your notes or key concepts, drawing pictures to represent the information, read into a tape recorder and listen to it, or any other change in how you are exposed to the information will help you learn it. Every student learns a little differently, so see what works best for you and stick to it. This information came from Brian Duffy, Superintendent

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