By Nancy Weber, Chairperson, Julian Woman's Club

quilt22014This committee has been gearing up for a summer of painting new quilt blocks. Our focus is to “build out” the areas immediately surrounding Julian before we expand too far into Ramona. Word of mouth sales are keeping us busy enough! Currently we have six projects we are either supporting or painting—Warner Springs School (8’ x 8’)--supporting, Dudley’s Bakery (4’ x 4’), Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant (4’ x 4’), Julian Pie Company (Santa Ysabel store 8’ x 8’), Julian Station (an 8’ x 8’ and 4’ x 4’), and Ransom Bros. in Ramona (3’ x 3’). Three other property owners are very interested, but not yet committed. As the nighttime temperatures warm up, painting can begin in earnest at the DeGraw barn; the tape won’t stick if it’s too cold! Priming, base coating and pattern transfers are complete. Audrey Turner gave a presentation for the San Diego County Tourism group, organized by Bobbi Zane. Edie Seger prepared the budget for next year, Merry Jo designed and transferred patterns for four of the projects, Jennifer Jones and Nancy have been busy priming and painting, Nancy has been out successfully marketing the trail to designated locations. She also gave a 15 minute slide show presentation promoting the Julian Backcountry Quilt Trail at the District Convention in Escondido. She will take that presentation on the road to other Women’s Clubs and to the State Board at the February convention in San Diego. Interest in our trail is very high! Merry Jo has updated our flyer and distributed to merchants and the Chamber of Commerce. Nancy and Merry Jo are finishing up the website work. And thanks also to Andy DeGraw for picking up our order of 4’ x 8’ boards at Ransom Bros. About a dozen small 1’ x 1’ blocks are in production for sale at the Quilt Show; profits will support the cost of the JBQT website. Merry Jo transferred all the patterns and Nancy and Jennifer have been painting. This is an easy project any of you can complete at home. Nancy will supply you with everything you need and training too. Volunteers are desperately needed to free us up to paint quilt blocks in June. And finally, congratulations to Barbara Mitchell and Nancy Weber for winning first and second place respectively at the District Art Show in the craft category for our painted quilt blocks. Barbara painted the Club’s two-sided block hanging in the clubhouse window. Nancy entered a 4’ x 4’ block she will install on her shed. As always, more help is needed. Join us for fun and fellowship as well as help promote our wonderful town through the JBQT.

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