46th Julian Music Festival To Benefit the California Wolf Center Saturday, September 19, 2015 1  to 6:30 p.m.
(Gates open at noon)
Menghini Winery
1150 Julian Orchards Dr, Julian, CA
~ Free Parking ~

2015 Performers

(In alphabetical order)  

Abrakadabra It may seem like déjà vu from the ‘80’s, but much to the delight of their fans,Abrakadabra’s founding musicians reunited in 2006 to perform and record once again.

Well known in California’s South Bay communities for its driving propulsive Latin jazz/pop rhythms, this band boasts a library of 50+ original compositions.  In the tradition of War and Malo, Abrakadabra always looks forward to sharing its special brand of musical magic. Listen to a sampling of their music here. Lacemakers Lacemaking: The art of making delicate fabric from separate strands of threads comingtogether to form something unique and beautiful. The three ladies of Escondido-based Lacemakers do just that with their blend of Appalachian, Celtic and Bluegrass sounds and sensibilities. Heloise Love, Kim Blackwell and Miss Darla weave together the traditions of the moonshiners of Virginia, the heart and soul of Ireland and Scotland and the high lonesome sound of the blue hills of Kentucky. Listen to a sampling of their music here. Natalie Gelman Raised in the old West Village, NYC stomping ground of songwriting greats, Natalie Gelman grew up amidst artists and true bohemians. She borrowed a friend’s guitar at 16, started writing songs immediately and began busking on subway platforms. Compared to Sheryl Crow, Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Natalie’s music is both contemporary and timeless. Learn more about Natalie and listen to a sampling of her music here. Trails and Rails You might expect that a group called Trails & Rails would perform a cowboy and a train Trails and Rails song or two. But with their greatly expanded repertoire, you will also hear 30s-40s Swing, early ‘pop’ songs and even a classical piece you’ll recognize in the first four notes. The award-winning harmony duo of Walt Richards and Paula Strong has been joined recently by Walt’s early band-mate, Mike Craig. Listen to a sampling of their music here.    

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